Media Inquiries

Media outlets may find the following information useful in reporting on the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade. For more details, or quotes for articles, please contact the parade coordinator using the contact information below.

The Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade, put on by the Castro Valley Rotary Club every year, is happy to be celebrating its 70th year in Castro Valley (after a few pandemic years off) and to honor the 101st anniversary of the Rowell Ranch Rodeo.

The Rotary Club of Castro Valley has been coordinating the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade for over twenty years, as part of its commitment to fostering a deep sense of community in the Castro Valley area.

We traditionally attract  80 to 100 entrants each year to march with us, and look for a similar number this year. There are a range of categories under which people can enter their organization or themselves. The categories are listed here.

Prizes are given in each category (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and are awarded right after the parade in the staging area in the Castro Valley BART parking lot.
For more detailed information, please send your media inquiry to:

Christian Carr
Mortgage Loan Consultant
Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade Coordinator
c/o Castro Valley Rotary
PO Box 2117
Castro Valley, CA 94546
E-mail:, or
Phone: (650) 207-4364 cell