Rules, Categories, Judging


Thank you for participating in this year’s parade.

                Parade Entry Information Packet
    Required information for ALL entries including what you need to do on the day of the Parade.
    Staging area assignments will not be available until a few days before the parade.
    However, in general:
    –Area 1:  Equestrian entries
    –Area 2:  All non-equestrian entries except as noted in Areas 3-7
    –Area 3:  High School bands and some other music groups
    –Area 4 & 5:  Vehicles – car clubs, military vehicles, etc.
    –Area 6-7: Kids baseball clubs

    Entry Numbers and Staging Areas Assigned  (Included in above Parade Information Packet)
    Your Entry position and Staging area has been assigned, but is subject to change before or at the event

PARADE RULES (Included in above Parade Information Packet)
All entries must adhere to the parade rules which may be viewed by selecting:
               Parade Rules
Violation may result in removal from the parade at the discretion of Parade Officials.

PARADE ENTRY CATEGORIES (Included in above Parade Information Packet)
The Categories for parade entries may be view by selecting:
Parade Entry Categories

Non-Equestrian Judging:
The judging for non-equestrian entries will be done at the staging areas between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on the day of the parade.  Winners will be announced & award given out during the parade as the entry goes by the viewing stand.

Equestrian Judging:
Pre-Judging will start at 8:00am at the BART Parking Lot and final selection will be made after all equestrian entries have passed the reviewing stand.  Please note, the announcement should be available about 30 min. after the parade is over in the BART Parking Lot.


  • Please register online if you can using the Parade Registration menu.
    You can pay online (preferred) or you may still  mail in a check separately.
  • If you need to submit a hard copy either:
  • To make subsequent changes/additions (whether online or hard copy), please notify us by email ASAP and identify your entry by contact name and group entry name along with the changes/additions.
  • You will be notified of your number and receive a map indicating assigned staging area in the email approximately 1 day before the parade or sooner. Entry number cards will be handed out at the assigned staging areas.